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I'm generally not much of one to spout my religious or political beliefs and I may have posted about this before, but I need to get this out of my head so I can hopefully go to sleep some time tonight. This morning. Whatever.

One of my biggest pet peeves about the Conservatives' arguments about gay marriage is that America was founded on Christian principles. WRONG. Most of the Founding Fathers were Christians, yes, BUT many of the original settlers came here to get away from religious persecution in a nation that had a national religion. Thus why the Constitution specifically states separation of church and state.

Conclusion? Arguing that the national government should not allow gay marriage because it's against Christian principles means jack-all. It is NOT a valid reason. If it, in any way, threatened national safety (which it doesn't), THAT would be a valid reason.

In fact, any political argument that brings religion into things, whether it's Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, or Wiccan is not a valid argument. Give me SOUND political arguments and I might listen to you, but the minute you bring up religion in a political debate, I will tune right out.

Also, the fact that any one person believes they have the right to dictate who I marry, be it a man or a woman, severely pisses me off. Granted, the purpose of elections is to allow the people to vote, but the fact that more than HALF the people in my home state think it's their right to decide who I marry is extremely disappointing.

/rant. I'm killing Ann's laptop battery, so I'mma say good night.


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