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Mum: blue butterfly spinner for the front porch (pictures to be posted once we get a USB cord) and turqoise heart ring
Dad: bear paw print money clip (which he's actually using!)
Dar'Quing: ring with a black stone
Jestana: turqoise spiral dreamcatcher (pictures to be posted once we get a USB cord)
Pippinshire: NOT TELLING! Neener neener neener! Jes saw it and loved it. XD (not given yet)
Liz (my best friend): light blue Canada tank top. (not given yet)

Everyone who has gotten their gifts loved them. I'm pretty sure you'll like yours, [ profile] pippinshire, just gotta figure out if I want to mail it or give it in person. I think I want to give it in person. XD I need to call Liz and find out when would be a good time to stop by and give it to her, I haven't physically seen her since I just after Christmas. *ducks under armoire* I'm a bad friend. We only talk like once every couple months. [ profile] sendrileswench: I tried to find something for you, sweetheart, but there weren't any dragon things that were in my price range, I'm sorry! I do have a couple postcards if you're interested. I'll scan them in and show you, if you like. I'm sorry! Can you ever forgive me?

Random sidenote: not being able to have cheese and liking Taco Bell, sucks. Especially when Jestana calls and tells me 'we're stopping at Taco Bell on the way home.' sassyfrassy
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I will be in mah own bed! WOO HOO! I love my aunt and uncle to pieces, but they have a tendency to preach at us. for instance, we went to this cheesy little diner in Banff for lunch and I had their meal Ceasar salad for lunch, it was a little heavy on the dressing, but I'm not much of one to criticize, so I didn't say anything, even when they waiter asked if everything's okay. After the waiter had left, my uncle was like 'you know, you should have said something blah blah blah.' HELLO! If I HAD WANTED TO SAY SOMETHING I WOULD HAVE DONE SO! *growls*

ANYwho. Did a count of how many pictures we've taken and it's over 300, including some duds that will be deleted when we get home. Even got some wildlife shots; mountain goats, elk, ground squirrels, and whisky jackets. A few pics of chandeliers at the Chateau Lake Louise and Banff hotel on the hot springs, and a few from the Sulphur Mountain Gondola of the Banff hotel, but, as I told my uncle, my photography medium is nature. Architecture seems kind of cold to me in photographs, since it doesn't really move, but nature, is constantly changing, whether you're watching an elk eat on the side of a mountain road, or taking pictures of the same spot at different times of the year, it's always changing. Even some of the sunset shots I got tonight, I don't think any two pictures are quite the same.

I got outvoted on what we're doing tomorrow. I wanted to have an easy day, just lay around the house, make sure we have everything, maybe play a game or two, but noooooooooooo they wanted to go walk around another mall. So, I have to get up early tomorrow to take a shower, then finish packing, then we'll probably do the exercises we've been doing with my aunt and uncle all week, after that, is breakfast, then we'll load all the luggage in the van and go to the Chinook Mall and wander around until noon or so then drive to the Calgary International Airport to check in for our plane, then we're on our way home! YAY!

Just so EVERYONE knows, I likely will not be signed in to any of my IM programs tomorrow, and if I am signed on, I'll be tired from the flight and shuttle ride home and I'll also be busy checking in to my online classes. And no, Rhy, I haven't forgotten the little questionnaire for my babies, I'll probably do that tomorrow also.

I miss you all and will talk to ya'll soon! *snogs*

*extra snogs for Marc, Em, Rhy, Maria, and Tabaqui!*
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Not much that we did today, we all slept late because we didn't get back from the Stampede until around 1 in the morning last night, had brunch with a co-workers of my aunt's, then Ann, my aunt, and I went to the mall, I bought new sunglasses (I forgot mine at the restaurant last night) and a new necklace (Ann took a picture, so I'll show ya'll when I get home). We got back and played Boggle for a little while, then went and saw Batman Begins. That. Was. AWESOME! I don't recommend it for people with sensitive hearing (I'm still paying for it, but it was worth it). All the actors did VERY well in their roles, Michael Kane was the best Alfred I've seen yet; he had just the right amount of humor for a butler that has known his employer(s) for years. *holds up 'I am a consumate Slash writer' sign* Was I the only one who could see a possible relationship (way in the past) between Fox and Alfred? I also saw possibilities among the League of Shadows members. *sigh* I don't have time to write something for this fandom! I start school day after tomorrow!

Marc, if you read this, I will email you monday with some questions about that crossover you're working on. Miss you all! *chants* Monday! Monday! Monday! Monday! *scampers off to take out contacts and go to bed*
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Hello, lovelies!

It's me again (obviously). I'm having a lot of fun up here. The weather's gorgeous, there's no smog (at least not to the extreme we get down in So Cal), my aunt and uncle are SO much fun. I'm actually a little proud of myself; my uncle's trying to lose weight, so he requested that Ann and I try to eat a little healthier as an encouragement to him, which we have, I haven't had a single fried food or soda since Sunday. I've had to increase my water intake for some new medications I'm taking, so I'm not really thirsty for anything else.

Tuesday we decided not to do Drumheller, which was a good thing, considering it was, I think they said, 30 degrees CELSIUS with NO wind. Yikes. So yeah, we ended up driving out to Banff, saw the cave and basin (PEE-EW did that sulphur stink XD), went to Lake Minnewanka took some GREAT pictures there. Came back to the house long enough to change then ran back out to meet my cousin for dinner at the Calgary Tower (GORGEOUS view).

Yesterday we went out to Drumheller, Ann and I went on a helicopter ride over Horseshoe Canyon, then we went a little farther east to the Royal Tyrrell Museum, then we had lunch at Boston Pizza, I had their Ciabatta Chicken Sandwich (DELICIOUS!). Then we took the ferry across the Red Deer River. Drove back to the house, I got online and ordered my textbooks and chatted with my family back home a little, then Ann, my Aunt and I went to the mall to get bathing suits for Ann and I so we could go in my aunt and uncle's hot tub. I actually found something in the first store we went to (which is saying something). We wandered around the mall a little, Ann and I looked at shirts for the Stampede that starts tomorrow, but we couldn't see the point in buying shirts that we'd only wear for the Stampede, so we didn't buy anything else. Got some Subway from the food court, came back to the house, ate dinner, ordered the graphics tablet and Adobe Illustrator I need for my Perspective class by proxy (thanks, [ profile] filodea!), then Ann, my aunt and I went out in the hot tub.

Don't know what we're planing to do during the day today, but we're going to my cousin's house for dinner. They have a BEAUTIFUL 5-month-old Golden Retriever. She's such a sweetie, they're still working on training her not to climb on the furniture or jump on people. They also have a charcoal tabby named Codo. Not much of a people cat, but he was nice when I petted him.

I'll try to update again tomorrow morning, but don't count on it, we're going to go see the Stampede parade tomorrow, so I'm pretty sure we're getting up early. I miss you all!


I made it!

Jul. 5th, 2005 07:49 am
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Hello my lovelies!

I made it to Calgary relatively well, just a little headache, and a sore bottom, but otherwise I'm fine. Our flight was actually a little early, so we didn't have to wait for our ride once we got through customs, which didn't take very long either, since there was hardly anybody in the airport. The biggest diffculty we ran into was that I didn't have my official birth certificate, I only had the copy. So we had to go get an authorized affidavit from the Notary Public they had at LAX. The ticket agents were really nice about it though. The one that checked Ann in was genuinely sorry for us, and the one the checked me in let us have a whole row to ourselves, which actually wasn't saying much considering that the plane was barely half-filled. Coming home will be much more crowded, I think.

Didn't do much yesterday, just stopped at Wendy's since Ann and I hadn't eaten much, just breakfast before we left and half a dinky little turkey sandwich on the plane. Then we got to my Aunt and Uncle's house and we sat around talking for a little while, then my cousin and his wife came over and we talked some more, then we had dinner, then talked some more then went to bed around quarter to 11. It's a little disconcerting for it to be just barely sunset at 10:30 at night!

Today we're doing helicopter rides up near Brumheller(?). Then we're having dinner at the Calgary Tower with my cousin and his wife.

Well, that's all from me for today, gotta get some breakfast in me. Talk to you all later!



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