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Oct. 30th, 2010 12:59 pm
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Spike, Xander and Tara are all pretty much tied for my favorite Buffy characters. Spike/Xander is my original OTP, but I've grown attached to Willow/Tara over the years. [ profile] snowpuppies wrote a fabulous friendship!fic that focuses on Tara and Xander. I have no words for how much I love it, but it's beautiful and funny and poignant and sad and just plain lovely.

To Heorot, Bright with Gold by [ profile] snowpuppies. Go tell her how awesome it is. I dare you not to laugh or go awwww at some point before the end.
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O.M.G. How the hell did I forget how totally awesome this story is? I think it was the first Charlie/Colby fic I ever read and is probably the story that first got me to thinking about Charlie and Colby together. I'd quote my favorite lines, but then I'd be putting half the story in here and ruining it for ya'll. Written from Colby's point of view, and it is totally in character for him from early on in his time with the team. So! I give you Calculus Is Easy by Frostfire! Have I mentioned lately how much I wish Charlie Eppes was my math prof? Well, I am now. I wish Charlie Eppes was my math prof, and for more than just the eye candy. I think I might actually figure out how any math more complicated than Pre-Algebra if he was. *wistful sigh* Oh well. Just gonna have to deal and hope I don't get any more math profs with heavy accents.

Fic rec!

Dec. 19th, 2005 11:37 pm
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This time for CSI. Main pairing is Nick/Greg, with a side of Warrick/Archie. [ profile] catlover2x does a marvelous job. I won't spoil it for ya'll and give a summary, but be warned, it's EXTREMELY AU, not-in-this-century type AU. [ profile] catlover2x is helping pirates rise in my list of kinks. *nods emphatically* Latest chapter (part 4 of 35) is here with links to the previous chapters. So far it has been updated every day and the story is finished, so you won't be left hanging if [ profile] catlover2x suddenly runs out of inspiration. *whistles innocently* *surreptitiously nudges WIPs under the rug*


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