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It's been a while, I know, but I haven't been in a very creative mood. There's only thirty in this batch.

Icon Count
13 Supernatural
1 James Marsters
1 The Magnificent Seven TV show
1 Elijah Wood
1 Alexander
2 Doctor Who
2 Jared Padalecki
4 Putting It Together
2 John Barrowman
1 Jensen Ackles
2 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Preview: # # #

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I know, I know, it's been a while, and they kind of, um, piled up. *sheepish* 99 total. *hides*

Official count:

64 Supernatural icons
5 Colby Granger from Numb3rs icons
4 Jensen Ackles icons
1 text icon
2 Jared Padalecki icons
4 Christian Kane icons
2 Milo Ventimiglia icons
1 cats icon
7 Keith Urban icons
2 Nightwish band member(s) icons
2 Dylan Bruno icons
2 Diane Farr icons
1 Vin Tanner from The Magnificent Seven icon
2 Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer icons

Teasers: # # #

You can find them here.
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And just icons in this one. Most of them were done using my own techniques, but there are a few that were made using tutorials. Don't ask me which tutorials, I can't remember, but any that are PNGs were made using my own techniques.

Icon count:

1 Rob Morrow
2 Colby Granger from Numb3rs
2 Charlie Eppes from Numb3rs
1 James Marsters
1 Dark-Angel!Spike (manip done by [ profile] vamptastica)
1 Horatio Caine from CSI: Miami

Total: 8

Preview: 3. 8.

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I haven't had as much time to make icons lately so there's only 11 or so.

Icon Count:

1 David Boreanaz
6 Charlie Eppes from Numb3rs
2 Charlie/Colby from Numb3rs
1 Spike from Buffy
1 James Marsters

Teasers: 1. 10.

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Okay, I've been wanting to put all my James Marsters/Spike/Simon icons in one post so it's easier for fans to find them on my journal. Most of these will be old, but there's one that's brand new, which I'll be putting in the teasers, so if you want that icon, but don't want to have to wait for all the others to load, you can go ahead and snag it, just be sure you credit [ profile] vamptastica for the manip I used to creat the icon. The other three angel!Spike icons were done using manips by [ profile] sueworld2003, so make sure you credit her as well if you take those three.

Same rules as always: Want. Take. Have. CREDIT!

Teasers: 1. 6. 13.

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Oct. 22nd, 2005 01:54 pm
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Here are the icons that I've amassed over the last week or so. 15 in total.

2 Chris/Vin The Magnificent Seven
1 Nicholas Brendon
2 Ardeth/Jonathan The Mummy Returns
2 Oded Fehr
1 Cillian Murphy
2 David Boreanaz
1 Evelyn O'Connell The Mummy Returns
1 Rick O'Connell The Mummy Returns
1 random
1 Martin Fine Smallville
1 Ardeth Bey The Mummy Returns

Teasers: 2. 8.

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Art post!

Oct. 6th, 2005 11:53 pm
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This is what happens when I procrastinate get bored: I look up tutorials for stuff and sit and do them. The icons took less than an hour each, the header took a lot longer 'cause, well the tutorial was longer, plus I had dinner and my shows stuck in there, so yeah, that took awhile, and then I was fiddling.

2 James icons
1 Spike header

Want, take, have, CREDIT! (BTW, the base for the James icons is from [ profile] mentalme85


1. 2.

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Tried a tutorial someone posted on one of the friends only comms I'm a member of and thought I'd post the result here. I'm rather proud of it, I might do a few more of other actors/actresses. Depends on what I can squeeze in between reading fics and doing school. I am SO glad I'm down to half-time now.

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