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Title: Secret Agent Man
Pairing: Charlie/Colby
Rating: R
Warnings: minor character death, mentions of graphic violence, light slash (like that’s really a warning for most of you. *grin*)
Spoilers: None
Notes: Set in the Precious Moments 'verse. Set after Someone but before The Road I’m On. I originally started this story back in March or April. Most of it was written over the period of a couple months, but the ending wasn’t written until last night.
Dedication: For all the lovely ladies in the Dylan Bruno thread at the Forum. I’m sorry I haven’t been around since July. MWAH! Love you all!
Beta: [ profile] jestana

There's a man who leads a life of danger/To everyone he meets, he stays a stranger/Every move he makes, another chance he takes/Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow

Link leads to [ profile] pethronindilwen, crossposted to several communities, sorry if you get this more than once.
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Instead of posting them all over again and getting comments in two places, I'll just post the links here.

Title: Someone
Pairing: Charlie Eppes/Colby Granger
Rating: R
Warnings: Semi-graphic descriptions of rape and murder
Summary: Charlie comes over after a rough case.
Notes: Set in my Precious Moments 'verse, after Meeting the 'In-Law'. Title is from DHT's song Someone
Spoilers: None
Beta: [ profile] jestana

You can't eat, you can't sleep, you can weep when you love someone

Title: The Road I’m On
Author: DaniKitten ([ profile] dollydani)
Pairing: Charlie Eppes/Colby Granger
Rating: PG
Word Count: 8,059
Spoilers: None
Summary: A friend dies and leaves something to Colby that will rock his world.
Notes: This has been an amazing fic to write. It afforded me a chance to really work with Colby, even if it is AU. Title from the 3 Doors Down song, The Road I'm On. Set in my Precious Moments AU. A picture of Nuada can be found here
Beta: [ profile] jestana

I know you feel helpless now and I know you feel alone/That's the same road, the same road that I am on

Both links lead to [ profile] numb3rsflashfic
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Title: Meet the ‘In-Law’
Author: DaniKitten ([ profile] dollydani)
Word Count: 1,806
Pairing: Charlie/Colby (who else? ;D)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, if they were, Charlie would be my math professor and would let me watch him have hot monkey sex with Colby.
Warnings: mentioned minor character deaths
Notes: Follows Precious Moments. Cassandra is slightly different in this verse, the main difference is that she is not deaf and she and Colby are step-siblings.
Summary: Charlie is there for Colby when Colby needs him the most.

Colby groaned softly when the soft knock sounded at his apartment door and stifled the urge to groan even louder when his Australian shepherd, Nuada, started barking.

Link leads to PI, cross-posted liek woah, sorry if you get it more than once.
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Title: Precious Moments
Author: DaniKitten ([ profile] dollydani)
Fandom and Pairing: Numb3rs, Charlie/Colby
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: AU
Claim: 'Watch'
Warnings: M/M slash, graphic sex, alternate universe
Notes: This is an AU; there are similarities between the show and the AU. For instance, Don is still an FBI agent with David, Megan, and Colby as his team. However, Charlie does not do consultant work for the FBI; he is completely devoted to his work as a mathematician and a professor. Megan and Colby have not had a chance to meet Charlie and Alan, yet. Charlie/Amita is teh evol and is therefore not to be found in this ‘verse. Also, Charlie is gay and ‘out’, and Don and Alan are okay with it. Inspired by The Club by Beverly, read it, you'll like it if you watch CSI: Miami
Written for [ profile] wordclaim50
Summary: Colby watches Charlie on the dance floor, smut ensues. XD

Precious Moments, NC-17, Charlie/Colby, Numb3rs AU )


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