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Birthdate:Oct 27
Location:California, United States of America

About Danielle:

Name: Dani
Age: 26
Gender: Female (ha! I didn't fall into the 'sex' trap!)
Family: Married parents (WOW! Amazin' innit?), 1 older brother, and 2 older sisters who are twins.
Hobbies: At the moment, just fiddling around in Photoshop; taking pictures; and making LJ layouts.
Graphics Program of choice: Adobe Photoshop 7
Major: Art History
Random Facts: I have a 14-year-old charcoal tabby cat named Bright Eyes, I get migraines on a fairly regular basis, I'm online most of the day, I love trying new icon tutorials.

Usually I post quiz results in my journal, but I feel it is necessary to give ya'll some insight into my personality before you add me to your friends list. Despite how outgoing I may seem online, in real life I tend to be shy and unassuming. I would rather curl up with a good book than go out for a night on the town. Not that I have gone out for a night on the town, but for now, this is how I am.

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American Idol (only Kradam)
Angel The Series
Batman Trilogy (Nolan!verse)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Criminal Minds
CSI: Miami
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Hawaii Five-0
Hercules the Legendary Journeys
House, M.D.
Lord of the Rings
The Magnificent Seven
Mummy/Mummy Returns
Sherlock Holmes (film and BBC)
Teen Wolf
White Collar
Without a Trace
Xena: Warrior Princess
Note: Just because a fandom is listed here doesn't mean I follow the current episodes. Some because I don't have access to the channel they are on or because I've become disillusioned with where the show is going.


David Caruso Online Gallery - Screen Caps and pictures
David-Wenham.Com - Screen caps and pictures
daydreaming caps - Screen Caps
Hybrid Genesis - Tutorials, textures, brushes
NUMB3RS NEVER LIE - Screen caps
Temple Bruno - Screen Caps (Dylan Bruno/Numb3rs)
... of the sky - Textures
Jensen Ross Ackles Unlimited - Screen caps and pictures
_iconographer - textures
_joni - brushes
77words - brushes
anais_dirge - brushes, textures
arisubox - brushes
awmpdotnet - textures
colorfilter - textures, brushes, tutorials
colortone - gradients, brushes, textures
crumblingwalls - brushes
aetter - brushes
ewanism - brushes
extreme_graphix - caps
ownthesunshine - brushes, textures
futurelights - brushes, textures
dearest - brushes, textures
grrliz - textures
icontutorials - tutorials
hermintage - textures
inxsomniax - tutorials, textures
lookslikerain - brushes
miggy - brushes
noctuidae - patterns, textures
oxoniensis - caps, textures
quebelly - brushes
regen - brushes, textures
scarsonchest - brushes
teh_indy - brushes
tragic_icons - textures, brushes
unmasked_icons - textures
wash_when_dirty - brushes, textures
asya_17 - brushes, textures, stock photos


Torchwood Ianto Jones animated moodtheme by cowboyhd. Layout coding and background image from layout_lounge, graphics by me

Color Bars:

Spander is Love

Charlie/Colby is Love

Craig Parker is lovesex love.
From head to toe.

It's all Jestana's fault!
PC/Mac is iLove

Interests (184):

30 seconds to mars, 30stm, adam lambert, angels, ares/joxer, art, art history, art museums, batman, batman begins, bisexuality, bones, boondock saints, boromir, boromir/faramir, bruce wayne, buffy the vampire slayer, carmine giovinazzo, castle, castle/ryan/esposito, cats, celtic music, chad kroeger, charlie eppes, charlie/colby, chris kane, chris larabee, chris/vin, christian bale, christian kane, cillian murphy, colby granger, colby/charlie, csi: ny, cupid/strife, daniel adair, danny messer, danny/mac, danny/martin, dark knight, daughtry, david caruso, david krumholtz, david tennant, dean/sam, doc hawkes, doctor who, dodgers, dollhouse, dylan bruno, eliza dushku, eric close, eric delko/horatio caine/tim speedle, eric szmanda, eric/horatio, eric/horatio/speed, eric/ryan, eric/speed, f/f slash, faramir, faramir/haldir, fiction, frodo, frodo baggins, frodo/sam, gambit, gambit/wolverine, gareth david-lloyd, gareth-david lloyd, gary sinise, gay fiction, george eads, george gershwin, graphics, greg herren, greg sanders, haldir, haldir/faramir, hans zimmer, harry potter, heath ledger, hercules the legendary journeys, hermione, hgxss, hill harper, horatio caine, horatio/speed, house, house/wilson, hugh jackman, ianto/10, ianto/8, ianto/9, icons, incest in fiction, iron man, jack/ianto, james marsters, jared leto, jared padalecki, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jl langley, john barrowman, john/dean, john/dean/sam, john/sam, jonathan crane, jonathan/ardeth, joxer/ares, kane, layouts, logan/remy, lord of the rings, lotr, m/m slash, mac taylor, mac/danny, mag7, mag7 slash, magnificent seven slash, martha jones, martin/danny, merry/pippin, michael biehn, michael phelps, misha collins, music, musicals, nicholas brendan, nick stokes, nick/greg, nickelback, numb3rs, numb3rs slash, photoshop, red wolves, remy lebeau, remy/logan, rock music, rock opera, rory cochrane, ryan wolfe, ryan/eric, ryan/esposito, ryan/speed, scarecrow, severus snape, shakespeare, shapeshifters, slash, slash fanfiction, snow leopards, spander, speed/horatio, spike, spike/xander, strife/cupid, supernatural, supernatural slash, tara/willow, tarkan, the boondock saints, the magnificent seven, the mentalist, the mummy, the mummy returns, the mummy/the mummy returns, the sims 2, three days grace, tim speedle, torchwood, vampires, vin tanner, vin/chris, wayne/crane, wesley, wincest, without a trace slash, wolverine, wolverine/gambit, writing, x-men, xander
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