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Title: Two Nights
Pairing: Giles/Xander, initially, eventually Giles/Xander/Angel
Rating: NC-17, very NC-17
Claim and Prompt: 'Watch'; Writer's choice
Warnings: Voyeurism, bondage, spanking, D/s, Daddy!kink, humiliation, exploitation, minor bloodplay
Summary: Xander's such a naughty boy.
Notes: No plot here, just an exercise at writing kinky porn. It was only supposed to Giles/Xander with Angel watching, then Angel wanted in on it and it ran from there. Written for [ profile] wordclaim50
Beta: [ profile] jestana
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Title: Three Numbers
Author: DaniKitten ([ profile] dollydani)
Word Count: 278
Pairing: Charlie/Colby (who else? ;D)
Rating: PG, VERY tame this time around, folks.
Disclaimer: Not mine, if they were, Charlie would be my math professor and would let me watch him have hot monkey sex with Colby.
Prompt: Writer's Choice
Claim: Watch
Warnings: Implied m/m lurve
Notes: I do not claim the '1 4 3' idea, I got that from a book I read. A little schmaltzy, but hey, what else do you expect? It's me, Dani, the hopeless romantic. *grins*
Written for [ profile] wordclaim50.
Summary: Colby is stuck with the bane of his existence: Paperwork. *cue dramatic music*

Colby ran a hand through his hair in frustration as he glared balefully at the mounds of paperwork piled on his desk. )
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There may also be a Cassandra-centric fic in the near future (as in some time tonight), so keep an eye out for that too.

Title: Paths on the Sea
Author: DaniKitten
Fandom/Pairing: Numb3rs, implied Charlie/Colby (what else? ;D)
Rating: G
Word Count: 327
Claim: 'Watch'
Category: Writer's Choice
Spoilers: None
Summary: Colby watches the ocean.
Notes: An AU of my Watching verse where Cassandra is still living in Idaho where they grew up. Title from a poem tidbit that [ profile] yin_again posted on her journal, it also inspired this fic. Written for [ profile] wordclaim50
Beta: None, this one came straight from my head into the 'Update Journal' box.

Paths on the Sea, G, implied Charlie/Colby, Writer's Choice )


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